About Us

Revolutionizing Laundry Care: The Laundry Kori Experience

In the bustling heart of Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh, a laundry revolution began on August 1, 2023, with the establishment of Laundry Kori. Far from just a mundane chore, Laundry Kori is on a mission to transform the way we perceive laundry – from a tedious task to an experience of convenience, care, and unparalleled quality.

Company Overview:

Laundry Kori prides itself on being a trusted name in the realm of laundry services. Our journey commenced with a commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. From everyday clothes to special garments, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to diverse laundry needs.

Goal and Mission:

Our goal at Laundry Kori is simple yet profound – to provide high-quality laundry solutions while understanding the unique needs of our customers. We are on a mission to redefine the laundry experience by infusing care, efficiency, and freshness into every garment we touch.


As we envision the future, Laundry Kori aims to be the premier destination for all laundry needs. We strive to be synonymous with excellence, setting the benchmark for laundry services in Dhaka and beyond.

Customer Benefits:

At Laundry Kori, we understand the value of time and the importance of garments. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a seamless and efficient laundry experience. By entrusting us with your laundry, you not only save time but also ensure that your garments receive the utmost care and attention, leaving you with fresh, clean, and meticulously handled clothing.

Online Laundry Services:

In a fast-paced world, convenience is key. Laundry Kori recognizes this and offers online laundry services to meet the demands of modern living. With just a few clicks, you can schedule pickups, track your order, and enjoy the convenience of having your laundry taken care of without leaving the comfort of your home.

Impact on Society:

Beyond the realm of clean clothes, Laundry Kori aims to make a positive impact on society. By streamlining laundry services, we contribute to time efficiency, allowing individuals to focus on more meaningful aspects of their lives. Additionally, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction fosters a culture of excellence that extends beyond our services.

In conclusion, Laundry Kori is not just a laundry service; it's an embodiment of care, convenience, and quality. Join us in redefining the laundry experience – where every garment tells a story of meticulous attention and a commitment to excellence.